Episode 10: The Last Dance, Space Force, The Lovebirds

Time for the big review episode! We continue our discussion about TV shows and films everyone's talking about. We go back to the 90's in the ESPN documentary series about Michael Jordan and Chicago Bulls in their final season. We get transported to the Moon with a comedy series from Greg Daniels (creator of ‘The Office’ and ‘Upload’) and Steve Carell, but is it funny enough to make us laugh? And we both reveal our favourite rom-coms when talking about new Netflix movie ‘The Lovebirds’!

And at the very end - wait for it - we list all popular actors with first name Chris, before Conor remembers the right Chris.


01:25 The Last Dance (TV documentary series, Netflix)

Check out this video (around 5 minutes in) of manipulation of news footage from the past in The Last Dance

20:02 Space Force (TV series, Netflix)

31:10 The Lovebirds (movie, Netflix)

Check out this interesting documentary essay on MUBI on romantic comedies directed by Elisabeth Sankey


Please join us for the next week’s Special Episode, when we will be talking about movies that we have chosen to watch for one another. And that is a very odd couple, just like us. Help us make #teamtwotowers and #teamcoldwar trending on Twitter! Pick your team!


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