#38: Zack Snyder’s Justice League

Conor and Rado sink their teeth into first cinematic event of 2021 (available on your TV screens only): long anticipated Zack Snyder’s Justice League. They paint the picture of making a film and of other famous Directors’ Cuts in the history.

Please be aware the discussion is full of spoilers (from about an hour in).


00:04:40 History of director’s cuts in Hollywood - referenced Empire article 

00:16:00 Release of 2017 version - Vanity Fair article

00:33:30 Rumours of Snyder’s cut

00:38:00 Critic’s reception and our spoiler-free reaction

Spolier discussion!

00:58:50 The Good

01:15:00 The Bad 

01:25:00 The Ugly

01:37:00 Our Letterboxd score

01:45:30 #ReleaseTheSnyderVerse

01:47:05 Conor says enough is enough


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