#21: The Devil All The Time, Challenger, Des, Emmy awards

We go through the rollercoaster of emotions. From the joys of our favourite show winning many Emmy awards, through sadness when we learned that more movies are being delayed, to deep depression/nostalgia when discussing British serial killer. But all is well in Deep South, where the devil doesn’t wear Prada, but smokes a lot, drinks a lot and seems to have a cruel sense of humor.

Please be aware that there is some controversy in this episode. Rado admits he’s an addict, Conor is dissing ‘Breaking Bad’ and makes statement about ‘Shitts Creek’ based on ‘Modern Family’. However, Conor changes his mind about David Tennant, so he is forgiven his sins.


00:00 Conor talking about some futuristic gaming devices


12:00 Our Emmy awards reactions

33:05 Disney delays a lot of films

38:40 ‘WandaVison’ trailer

40:35 Disney+ tv series about Nick Fury in development

42:00 ‘The Lion King’ sequel will be directed by Barry Jenkins

What have we’ve been watching

43:30 Rado: ‘Akwafina Is Nora From Queens’ (BBC), ‘Extinction: The Facts’ (BBC), ‘Behind The Scenes of The Dark Knight Trilogy’ (YouTube), ‘Cobra Kai’ (Netflix)

51:00 Conor: ’The Gentleman’ 


54:40 ‘Des’ (miniseries, ITV)

1:03:38 ‘Challenger: The Final Flight (miniseries, Netflix)

1:10:25 ’The Devil All The Time’ (Netflix)


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‘Watchmen’ trailer courtesy of HBO

‘Des’ trailer courtesy of ITV

’The Devil All The Time’ trailer courtesy of Netflix

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